Kubernetes 101 : The hostPath storage for containers

A hostPath Volume mounts a directory on the pod's filesystem so that its containers can have access to a storage space.

Below is a Yaml file of a pod with a hostPath type of storage:

The "/home/albert" directory from the host is mounted on the "/hostpath_dir" mountpoint of the debian container.

The "path" specifies the directory/file that will be mounted on the container's mountpoint "/hostpath_dir".

The "type" could be - DirectoryOrCreate - which means that the directory will be created if it doesn't exist on the host, or - Directory - which means that the directory must be present on the host otherwise, we will get an error at the creation of the pod.

There are other types like - File, Socket, CharDevice, BlockDevice, ...

We could check our pod using the below command:

Then we check its volume - storage - using the below command:

We could access our volume "volume-1" as below:

To mitigate the security risks related to the "hostPath" volumes, we could use it as "read-only" as you can see below in the "volumeMounts" section of the container:


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