Kubernetes 101 : Executing a command inside a Pod

We start by creating a deployment with two pod replicas as described in the "deployment_1.yaml" file below:

We create the deployment resource using the below command:

Displaying the created pods:

We can see that two replicas of "nginx" have been created by the deployment:

The containers inside the pod:

To get the ID of the container that lives inside a pod, we could use the below command:

If we have multiple container inside a pod, we use the below to connect to a specific container using its ID and execute a command inside:

Excecuting a command inside a pod:

Because we only have one container in the pod, we don't need to use the "-c" option:

In our examples, we have:

The above command runs the "ls -a" command inside the pod with the following ID "nginxdeployment-5b9fb7b7d9-2vhsk".


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