Linux 101 : Systemctl - What processes are running on my system -

To list the running services on a system, we use the below command:

To display the enabled services that run at boot time, we use:

To list the disabled that don't start at boot time:

To display all the static services, we use:

To display all the masked service that can't be started at all:

The different states of "services":
  • enabled:  an enabled services is available to the system to be started and stopped.
  • disabled: means that the service will not start automatically at boot, but it can be started manually.
  • masked : a masked service can't be started at all.
  • static: means that the service represents a dependency of other services, and it can only be started by another service.


Enabling a service does not start it.

To know how much time services on a system take to start, we could use the below command - the output might help us tweak our boot time -:


The starting time of some services might be misleading, because they might be waiting for another service to finish running for example.


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