Kubernetes 101: Excercise 7 for CKA (upgrade cluster version, kubectl, kubeadm,kubelet)

Following our journey on the preparation towards the exam CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator), we continue this time with the exercise number 7. 

Exercise 7:

Note: Keep in mind that this is a practice exercise for the CKA, in a production environment for High Availability I do not recommend to assign a static pod to a node. 

  • Upgrade the kubeadm on the Master Node to the version 1.18.5
  • Upgrade control plane components using kubeadm and install kubelet and kubectl version 1.18.5 on the Mater node


#to check the current version
kubectl get nodes
kubectl version --short
sudo kubeadm version
sudo apt-mark unhold kubeadm kubelet
sudo apt install -y kubeadm=1.18.5-00
sudo apt-mark hold kubeadm
sudo kubeadm version
sudo kubeadm upgrade plan
sudo kubeadm upgrade apply v1.18.5
#to upgrade the kubelet and kubectl
sudo apt-mark unhold kubelet kubectl
sudo apt install -y kubectl=1.18.5-00 kubelet=1.18.5-00
sudo apt-mark hold kubectl kubelet 
kubectl get nodes


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