Kubernetes 101 : Scaling your pods automatically - Horizontal Pod Autoscaler -

Below is a Yaml file representing a deployment for two nginx pod replicas, with defined resource limits and requests:


A container can use more than the requested CPU, but it can't go beyond the set limit.

The below command runs the Autoscaler on the deployment "nginx-dep":

The Autoscaler will add or remove pods - number of pods will be between "2" and "10" pods at all times -, while maintaining a CPU consumption of "50%" of CPU resources, as stated above in the "--cpu-percent" parameter.

We solicit the nginx pods - by sending them requests - then, we check the Autoscaler output parameter "TARGET = 50% (half) out of the 50% is used":

Now, we could check our deployment, using the below command:

We see that the deployment is running three pods now - it added one pod -.

The Yaml file of our Autoscaler will look like the below:


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