Linux 101 : USB boot media - Syslinux, isolinux, ... -

We could format a USB storage device as ext3 or VFAT for example.

 We install Syslinux on our machine - Syslinux is a bootloader for  Linux that we could store on FAT filesystem - :

We install the Syslinux on the USB device "/dev/sdb1" using the following:

We also need to make mountpoints each for the "boot.iso" file and the USB device: 

Next, mount the "boot.iso" file as a block device on the mount point:


We mount it as a virtual pseudo loop device that we will use as a block device.

We then mount the USB device:

We then copy the Isolinux files to the USB device:

We also copy "isolinux.cfg" into the "syslinux.cfg" file of our USB device:

  • -v : takes into account all non-matching lines.
We then unmount "boot.iso" and the USB device, then we try to reboot from our USB device:


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