Linux 101 : APT - troubleshooting installation of packages -

When installing a Linux packages, the installation could be interrupted due to several causes: sudden system reboot, system hang up, ...
The package would no finish installing or would get installed with some missing elements.

To try to fix that, we could run the below command:

Also we could also try to fix specific package using the below "dpkg" command below:

In order to clean up our system and to remove program dependencies that no other program is relying in, we could simply use the following command:

We are all familiar with the "E: Unable to locate package" error message when trying to install a package.

Some of the way to fix it is to update our repository by running the below command:

We could also look for the package manually using the below command:

Also we could update our "/etc/apt/sources.list" which contains a list of repositories Linux consults to know where to download the packages from.


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