Linux 101 : The "networkctl" tool and the "systemd-networkd" service.

The systemd-networkd is a systemd service for network management.

The networkctl utility can be used to get the status of different network interfaces using the information provided by the systemd-networkd service.

Some "networkctl" commands:

The below command displays the state of  network interfaces, it also shows information about the default gateway and DNS:

The below command lists all the interfaces on a system - physical or virtual - along with additional information about their status:

  • carrier: device is ready to carry traffic.
  • routable: the device has a routable address configured.
  • unmanaged: means that "networkd" service is not managing the device.
  • configured: means that the device is configured correctly.
The below command deals with "Link Layer Discovery Protocol", which advertises the interface and its neighbors:

To get detailed information about s specific device, for example "eno1", we use the below command:


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