Linux 101 : The Network Manager - Setting a static IP address using nmcli -

The nmcli tool helps us create and edit connection profiles.
Connection profiles can be "attached" to interfaces through the network manager.

To display the connections on a system and the devices they are attached to, we use the below command:

To modify the "Wired connection 1" connection, we first we turn it off using the below command:

We then edit our connection using the below command:

To see the details of the connection, we use:

We can change the connection id to "static connection" using the below command:

The field "connection.interface-name" indicates to the Network manager the interface to which the changes will apply.

We can see the IPv4 setting using the below command:

We will need to change it to "manual" to tell the system that we will be providing an internet address manually:

Then we set the gateway IP address and the DNS using the below commands:

We then save the changes, using the below:

And we exit using the below:

Now, we can bring our connection back up using the command:

We can check the changes using the command:

To check if our gateway and DNS are working, we could ping an external address as below:


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