Kubernetes 101 : Kube-proxy, services and the DNS server

A kubernetes service is the entry point to a group of pods. These pods have their own unique IP addresses.

A kubernetes service gets its IP address from the range of IP addresses reserved to services in the kubernetes cluster, also called the service CIDR range - --service-cidr -

The kube-dns resolves the names of the services to IP addresses.
For example the service: 
"service1.namespace1.svc.cluster.local" could be mapped for example to the IP address "".

The kube-proxy, then defines the iptables rules to allow connection to these objects - pods -.

When a request reaches our above mentioned service "service1.namespace1.svc.cluster.local", the DNS resolves its name to the IP address "", then the kube-proxy, using the iptables rules sends the request to one of the backing pods using a load-balancing algorithm.


Kube-dns is the clusterIP service behind the CoreDNS pods.


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