Kubernetes 101 : Exposing pods through a service for local access - Deployment, ClusterIP -

We first create a deployment for two replicas of the nginx pod using the below command:


The above command might get deprecated in the upcoming versions of kubernetes
We could use a Yaml file to create a deployment instead.

After creating our deployment, we check its pods using the below command:

We could also check the services in our cluster, using the below command:

We check our deployment using the below command. It has two replicas of nginx pods running :

We expose our deployment on port "80":

Then we recheck our services using the below command:

We notice that a new ClusterIP service for our pods has been created.

We could see that our service "service/nginx-svc" is reachable on port "80" at the IP address "".

We could access one of our pods through our service "service/nginx-svc" using the below command:


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