Linux 101 : Nmcli - adding a static route, Network Manager Command Line Interface -

Adding a Static Route:

A static route is added manually in the routing table, as opposed to the dynamic routes that are added automatically using a dynamic routing protocol like RIP - Routing Information Protocol -

Displaying the connections in our system:

We can display the connections on our system, using the below command:

We can also display the routes using the below command:

Adding a new default route:

We can add a new default route using the below command:

The above command adds a default route " the "" network, through the connection "Wired 1", that is associated with the "eno1" interface.

For the changes to take effect, we have to restart the "Wired 1" connection, using the below commands:

We could use "route" or "ip route" to display the routes depending on the system.


To remove a route we use the "-ipv4.routes" parameter with the nmcli command.

We could see our newly added route using the below command:


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