Kubernetes 101 : Which deployment manages which pods

The deployments in kubernetes manage replicaSets and replicaSets manage pods.

In case we need to modify our pods ( scale the number of pods, change the image version, ... ), we will need to know the name of the deployment managing our pods.

We use the below command to do know which deployment manages our pods in the namespace "namespace":

The "kubectl describe" also gives us a lot of information - as we can see below -, including the image, IP addresses of the pods, the state of the pod, ...

We could then for example scale down our pods by running the below command and changing the "replicas" parameter in the Yaml file of our deployment:

The above command opens the Yaml file of our deployment in a text editor - Vi by default -.

Then we could edit our file as we can see below, save the changes and close our editor:


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