Kubernetes 101 : Updates or Rollouts

The deployment rollout:

A rollout for a deployment of pods is caused by a change in any parameter in the pod's template within the deployment Yaml file - .spec.template

For example, if we change the labels or the container images in the pod's template, we will trigger a rollout.

Changes like scaling a deployment by changing the number of pod replicas, do not cause a rollout.

We could make the changes in the deployment Yaml file - for the image -and apply the changes: - this is the preferred way since any previous changes are recorded in the Yaml file:

We apply the changes using the below command:

We could also change the pod's parameters - image of the container - of a deployment using the below command for example:

We can check the status of our rollout, using the below command:

Checking the new pods:

We run the below command to check the newly deployed updated pods with the new version of nginx:


We will notice that our new updated pods have different names from the older ones that were replaced.


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