Kubernetes 101 : API-server and API endpoints

The API-server:

The API-server is the entry point to the kubernetes cluster. 
It deals with the API endpoints.
The API objects - endpoints - are organized hierarchically.

For example the Core API is organized as below:

A REST API endpoint represents a kubernetes resource that could be accessed via "http" like the nodes API endpoint "/api/v1/nodes", or the pods API endpoint "/api/v1/pods".

Accessing the API endpoint:

We could list the nodes in a kubernetes cluster using the below command:

Alternatively, we could use the below command:

could also list the pods in a specific namespace in a kubernetes cluster using the below command:

Which is equivalent to:

Or we could use the below to retrieve all the pods in all the namespaces:

Which is equivalent to:

We could also use the same method for listing all the namespaces in a kubernetes cluster for example:

Or, we could use:


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