FreeBSD 101 : Startup variables - Sysrc -

At boot time the "/etc/rc" scripts initiate the FreeBSD system according to the parameters in the "/etc/defaults/rc.conf" and "/etc/rc.conf" files.

- "/etc/defaults/rc.conf": contains the default parameters. If we want to change any of these, we do it in the "/etc/rc.conf" file.

Sysrc - Editing the "rc.conf" file -:

We can use the below command to get parameters -non-default- about our system:

If we want to see all the variables, we use the below command:

To remove a variable from the configuration file, we could use the below command:

Example of /etc/rc.conf variables:

For configuring the hostname for example, we would use the below command:



The "-f file" is optional in our case, normally, we use it when we refer to other configuration files.

For configuring our network interface for example, we would use the below command:


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