Kubernetes 101: Overview of kubernetes Network policies - Ingress and Egress -

Ingress and Egress traffic:

Ingress traffic: is the traffic coming into the server
Egress traffic : is the outgoing traffic leaving to initiate a connection.

Network policies:

A network policies are kubernetes resources through which we can define traffic rules. We can then attach these network policies to pods.


For example we allow Ingress traffic from the database_pod to a web_pod on port 3310 using the below network policy in a Yaml file format.

Network policy configuration file:

Below the "network-policy.yaml" file:

We then create the policy using the below command:


When we allow traffic into the web-pod the response going out of the web-pod is allowed too, we don't need an Egress rule for that.

On the other hand, in the above network policy, the database-pod can't initiate a connection to the web-pod, it needs an Egress rule to be a able to do that.


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