Linux 101 : Sudoers -Sudo command-

Sudoers is a way to grant root access to regular users, without the need to share the root password with them.
For that to work, we would need to add the user to the sudoers file so they can start tasks that would normally requires root privileges.
Sudoers users can start root programs using the below command:

Creating a regular user:

We then give the user a password:


In the sudoers file, we need to add either the user or the group we want to give root privileges to.

Adding a group of users to the sudoers file: 

We can then add our user to the group "group_name" using the below command:

If we want to change to the new created user, we could do it using the below command:

Adding a user to the sudoers file:

In the example above we have a Linux user "user", but we could also have a group "%group_name".



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