Linux 101 : Starting a service at boot time - systemctl -

Systemctl can be used to check the state and modify the behavior of the systemd services.
Systemctl command can also help us display the settings of a service.
For example to display the settings of a service we use the below command:

The configuration file determines how the services are started, paths, aliases,...


Starting  service automatically at boot time:

When we try to run the below command to launch the sshd process for example:

The sshd service will not start automatically once we reboot the machine. For that to happen, we will need to enable the service:

Displaying the services on a system:

To list all the services including the inactive ones, we use:

Masking a service:

Masking  a service prevents it from being started.

Unmasking  a service:

Unmasking a masked service makes it possible for the service to be started again. 


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