Linux 101 : Systemd timers - Scheduling tasks -

Systemd uses .service files to get information about how to start processes, independencies and other parameters.

We will create a service file called "backup.service". 

The most important part of the .service file is "ExecStart" which indicates the program to be started by systemd - for example -.

Our .service file could look like the below - backup.service -:

To schedule the program, we need the .timer file - works with systemd timers -, an it indicates to systemd when to run the program. 

For that purpose, we need to add a [Timer] section in our file - backup.timer -. 

Below is our .timer file - backup.timer - that is tied to the above unit - backup.service -:

We could enable our timer using the below:

Then we can reload our systemd daemon:

The .timer file manages the the .service file, so we need to enable the timer units are seen above.

To check all launched timers on our system, we use:


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