Istio 101 : Istio's pre-set installation profiles

Istio has a set of pre-defined installation mode to make it easier for us to set up our first services mesh successfully.

To see more details about each profile we use the following:

Below are some of the pre-defined installation modes for istio:

  • default: default installation that would fit most environments.
  • demo: as its name indicates, this mode is used for demonstrations only, the installation is minimal.
  • empty: starts with a flat configuration that we could build on to get a customized environment.
  • external: the control plane is set up externally. The control plane manages the traffic and the data plane of which envoy is the main component.
  • minimal: installs the default configuration but it does not install an ingress gateway.
To install istio using any of the above parameters, we use the below command:


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