Kubernetes 101 : API server communications - HTTP and REST APIs -

The API server is the beating heart of the kubernetes cluster.
 manages - list, delete, update, ... - the kubernetes API resources - pods, deployments, ... -.
The API server uses the HTTP REST interface for its communication with the different components of the kubernetes cluster.

The API server handles HTTP requests using the below methods:

  • GET : used for getting data about the different kubernetes API resources - pods, services, ... -.
  • POST : used to create a kubernetes resource.
  • PUT : used to update a kubernetes resource.
  • PATCH : used for small updates.
  • DELETE : used for deleting a kubernetes resource.

The below command:

Is equivalent to: 

Which uses the following request:

Each kubernetes resource belongs to an API group and has a version as follows "/apis/Group/version/namespaces/ns_name/resource".

For example:


Nodes for example are not namespaced, their API description looks like the following "/api/v1/nodes".


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