Cloud Sigma boasts over 10 years of experience on the global market and leading the DACH cloud provider of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). 

What is infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)?

When we talk about IaaS, we basically talk about online services in the form of virtualized computing resources over the internet. Therefore we will have highly scalable and automated resources based on every client's needs.

Infrastructure as a service aka “IaaS”, is a cloud computing service model that allows us to instantly provision resources that include the deployment and the management of networking such as deploying new subnets, storage such as provisioning more storage or moving data to a faster storage medium like SSDs. It also includes deploying virtual servers that could be running Linux or windows for example

It also helps us secure our infrastructure by offering highly customizable security appliances like firewalls for example.

As such Iaas gives us the ability to provision virtual networks, storage, or virtual machine instances without worrying about the underlying structure. Transitioning from in-house to the cloud happens with very minimal changes to the applications

One of the benefits of moving your applications to the cloud is that making upscaling to meet the increasing demand is easy. Infrastructure monitoring is built-in; it also eliminates the cost of setting up a data center while giving you full command over your data and applications.

Use CloudSigma

Below are the commercial models offered by ClouSigma:

Important: Keep in mind that you can start to use CloudSigma with no pressure and zero risks as they offer a7 day free trial period. After that you can decide the paying scheme that you prefer:

Price in USD

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