Virtualization 101 : Type 1 and type 2 hypervisors

Type 2 hypervisors run on an existing - host - operating system
The - guest - operating systems running in the virtual machines have access the hardware through the hypervisor.

Below is a simple diagram of type 2 hypervisors:

Examples of type 2 hypervisors:
  • VMWare Workstation
  • Oracle VirtualBox
Type 1 hypervisor accesses the hardware of the host machine directly.

Below is a simple diagram of type 1 hypervisors:

Examples of  type 1 hypervisors:
  •  VMWare ESX/ESXi
  •  Microsoft Hyper-V 
  •  Linux KVM. 
Hypervisors need CPU support to be activated in the BIOS Intel-VT or AMD-V - depending on the CPU.
KVM and Qemu could also be used as type 2 hypervisor or from within Linux as a Type 1 hypervisor.


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