Networking 101 : Subnets, masks and IP addresses - C class example -

We are using for our example a class C network
IP address - -.
Because it is a class C address the first three octets - 192.168.1 - are used for the network address.
The IP addresses for our example go from - - to the broadcast address - -

We could have 254 machines in our network.

Because we don't have a lot of machines in our network, we divide this class C IP address into smaller networks using a subnet mask.

For our example, we will use the standard "24" mask as below:

To know the network part, we take into account the bits
that have a value of “1” for both the IP address and the subnet mask.

According tour above example, the network part is : "192.168.1"
The first IP address refers to the network - - and the last IP address refers to the broadcast address - -.


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