Kubernetes 101 : Which deployment controls which pods - Getting acquainted with a cluster -

When working in a cluster that we didn't setup, we sometimes will need information about replicaSets and deployments to scale down/up pods.

We could use the below command to list the pods:

And we could use the pod's name form the above output to get the name of the replicaSet/deployment that is managing it, using the below command:

And we look for the "Controlled By" line.

We could also locate the deployment by its name and edit its Yaml file to scale our pods.

To discover the nodes in our cluster, we  could use:

To get all the pods on the node "node-1" for example, we use the below command:

To get the services that don't live in the "default" namespace, we could use the below command:

To get the IP addresses of the pods, we could use the below command:


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