Kubernetes 101 : Running several pods in parallel - Jobs-

A Job is a kubernetes resource, that executes one or more pods until one or more of them exits successfully.

To increase our chances of a Job running to completion, we could run several pods - Job - in parallel. 
These pods will run until one of them completes its task and exits.

The pods - Job - will get restarted if they fail until one of them completes its task successfully.

Below an example of a YAML file representing five pods - Job - running in parallel:

We create our Job using the below command:

We could check on our "parallel-running" pods using the below command with the "-w" parameters that allow us to watch the pods "live":

Because one of our pods "job1-lk5d" exited successfully, the Job ends.
Kubernetes will still wait for the other pods to exit gracefully.
In case one of the remaining pods fails, it will not be restarted.


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