Kubernetes 101 : Editing an existing kubernetes resource - Pods, Services, ... -

Editing a kubernetes resource on the fly:

To be able to edit the configuration of a kubernetes resource  ( pods, services, ... ), we use the below command:

For pods for example, we will use the below command:

For a service for example, we will use the below command:

The above commands open a Yaml file of the resource in the editor mentioned in the environment variable "
We could then modify the resource and save the changes.

To change the default editor to "emacs" for example, we use the below command: 

Editing the Yaml configuration file "manually":

We have a pod named "nginx-pod" for example with the below Yaml file:

We create the pod using the below command:

Then we could edit the Yaml file directly using the below commands:

The above command "outputs" the Yaml configuration file of the "nginx-pod" to the "modified-pod.yaml" file.

After editing the Yaml file "modified-pod.yaml", we could apply the changes using the below command:


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