LFCS and LFCE: Text files and Text Editors (nano)

As you probably can estimate the text files are the core part of Linux. In fact, the configuration files for most services and programs are text files and logs, and mail. 

Considering that the CLI is build to expect you to write in text and obtain an output as a text as well. To do so, we can create text files using various tools. 

Text Editors

  • Graphical (Kate, gedit, etc.)
  • CLI ( Vim and nano)
Nano is a small, lightweight, and easy to use
Vim is powerful but it's technically more complex to use

Type the command nano on your cli to start the interface of this text editor.


If you need to use a function that is not listening in the main editor screen, you can press ctrl+G to obtain help. 

To save the file under a new name you can press ctrl+O to write the name of the file. Then if you exit the text editor nano to reopen this file it will be enough to just type nano and the name of your file that in our case is MyText. 

nano MyText


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