Windows 101: Cmd diskpart "How to delete EFI partition in Windows 10?"

If recently it happens to you to encounter the problem in Windows 10 that you cannot delete the volume in the "Computer Management" settings under Storage->Disk Management 

The practical solution to this issue will be to proceed as below:

(Please keep in mind that you must be secure 100% which kind of volume are you deleting and you should have a proper backup of your OS and your data)

So, we open the cmd prompt as administrators, and then we type the command


The next command it will show to us a clear overview of all the disks in your system. 

list disk

And then type the command to select the disk

sel disk 1

We are going to see the confirmation that disk 1 was selected, then we need to see the partitions with this command:

list partition

Now we just need to select the number of the partition that we wish to remove from disk 1. 
To do so we just type the command:

delete partition override

And then when we see the confirmation that the selected partition was deleted, if we wish to delete other partitions from that disk we will just need to repeat the steps that we did before. 

And now as you can see finally my disk is completely free. 


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