As I am preparing to attend the exam for the Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin (LFCS)  and it is a perfomed based exam. I got the idea to prepare a small roadmap with some tips and commands that can be helpful also for you, during your journey of achiving the LFCS. 

So I will start with one of the the commands that I consider the most valuable, specially if you cannot jump to google to search some commands. 

  • Command: man

The bash manual, as you probably know, is the Linux documentaton built inside the OS, this documentation is called the manual pages. They are stored as text files written in a markup language.

In the /usr/share/man/


The man command uses another tool called less to display the man pages which make it easy to navigate.

The man function it will show you basically all what you can do with that specific command, for 

example $ man man

man man

Important: to move up and down use the arrows in your keyboard or F and B (forward and back).

With the / you can search for a specific term



In case you do not remember the commands you can press the letter H 


It is possible to visualize a specific section number from the man pages. 

For example man 7 man

man 7 man

  • Command: ls

Command ls to list directories contents

We can use ls as a generic command in that case it will list the current directory. Or specify a directory, for example with this command we can speify the home directory. 
ls /home
  • Command: help
help if

Another command to obtain information on how to use commands and what they do are: info, man, help. For example with help you are going to have this overview of the command if:

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