Linux 101: Ubuntu Server with a GUI (Graphical user interface)

Ubuntu Server is my favorite flavor of Linux. Therefore, I like to try different things on it, for some of you also unnecessary things.

I will anticipate to all of you, that if you are trying to learn Linux and maybe you are at the beginning of your journey with Ubuntu Server, I will highly recommend you get familiar with the CLI and do not install any GUI for now.

So, this little guide on how to install any type of GUI available for Ubuntu is suitable for how is already confident with at least basics commands on Ubuntu.

Considering that I am doing this procedure in a lab environment to also verify how many “resources” this test is going to consume compared with the OS without GUI.

Tasksel is a utility that can allow you to install multiple GUI. 

sudo apt install tasksel

sudo apt-get install slim

Now we can choose wherever GUI we want for our Ubuntu Server. 

We should run this command with the root user:


Note: we selected Ubuntu MATE Desktop (not reccomended if you are short on resources CPU/RAM/Storage)

As always use the Space key to select which flavour you prefer. 

Then the system will install the software and reboot, coming back up with your GUI. 
(We choose as default display manager SLiM). 

Nicely done!


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