What is TrueCommand? 

TrueCommand is is an application that allows you to monitor, scale data, manage, and administrate all your system of iXsystems NAS platforms. 

What you can do with TrueCommand?

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • User account auditing
  • single sign-on for all connected NAS units
  • customizable alerts and reporting, and predictive analytics to maximize system uptime

So let's start the deployment in your favorite host, considering that it should be if possible a bare-metal one, where you already installed docker. In our case we are gonna use a Debian host.  

docker pull ixsystems/truecommand

and then

docker run --detach -v truecommand:/data -p :80 -p :443 ixsystems/truecommand

Commands and references are provided by: https://www.truenas.com/truecommand/

Now we will access the web interface with the dedicated default IP and port, in our case

In the beginning, we will need to select Username and Password (I will recommend you to use username root and use a password that you can remember easily)

Now here we are gonna add our system one by one, by their IP address. 

And this is how it will be the overview of all your systems after you add them manually:

With the IP address above you will access your TrueCommand only locally, so if you wish to access also from another host that is not in your local network you must provide a proper IP address for the docker image. 

To do so you will need to run this command in the host where did you deploy the docker image, so in our case in the Debian host. 
docker run -d -p 10.1.XX.XX:32774:80 ixsystems/truecommand

And now unfortunately you will need to add manually in the web GUI of TrueCommand all your systems again. 

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