LINUX 101 : Extending an LVM volume

To be able to extend an LVM volume, we need to add physical storage (partition or a disk).

We add a new partition to /dev/sdb2 using the fdisk tool:


The partition /dev/sdb1 already exists on the system, fdsisk is going to propose /dev/sdb2 by default. We also have to give it the LVM filesystem type.
We create the partition using:

we check using the below command:

We check the existing LVM volume using:

Creating the physical volume:

We create the physical volume based on the partition /dev/sdb2 using:

Extending the volume group:

We then extend the volume group with the new partition /dev/sdb2:

We check that /dev/sdb2 is in the "vg_name" volume group:

We could also use the command pvs as below: 

Extending the logical volume:

We extend the logical volume "/dev/mapper/vg_name-lv_name" using: 

In the example above we extend the logical volume by five megabytes.

Resizing the filesystem:


The resize2fs command works for ext3 and ext4 Linux filesystems. 


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