Linux 101 : IP commands (The essentials)

Activating a network interface:

Attributing an address to a network interface:

Maximun transmission unit:

Attributing a value to the MTU for an Ethernet frame:

Displaying the interfaces with their addresses:

Displaying only the network interface "interface":

Displaying only the ipv4 addresses:

Displaying only the ipv6 addresses:

Deleting the ip_address of the interface "interface":

Deleting an IP address:

Deletes the IP address of the interface "interface":

Lists all the route on the system:

Adds a gateway to an ip destination address:

Adds a default gateway:

Adds a default gateway for all the IP destination, used when no other specific gateway is available for a certain destination.

Deletes the route for the ip_address:

Deletes the default route:

Deletes the route for the destination ip_address:

We can also mention just the IP address if it is unique in the routing table.

Displays the routing table:

Replacing a route:

Replaces the route for "network/mask" address to use network device "interface" to send the packets:


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