Linux 101 : Accessing Linux using the Windows remote desktop (RDP)

 Preparing the Linux machine:

To be able to connect to a linux machine using the Windows Remote Desktop client, we need to install a window manager like xfce4 for example on the linux machine (If no window manager is installed):

We also will need to install the xrdp server on the Linux machine so that the XDP windows client  could connect to it:

We start the xrdp service on the linux machine:

We check it it is running:

Allowing xrdp traffic through the firewall):

Sometimes the connection gets blocked by the firewall. We will need to make sure that the xrdp port is allowed on the firewall on the linux machine.

To check which port the xrdp service is listening on, we use the below command:

Then we tell the firewall to allow traffic through that port:

Connecting from a windows machine:

Then we launch our windows remote desktop to connect to the remote linux machine:


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