Docker error:

We get the error (Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: this version of runc doesn't work on cgroups v2: unknown. ERRO[0005] error waiting for container: context canceled) when trying to run an image:

We get this error with Fedora because of its implementation of the cgroups version 2 , which is not supported by docker.


Control groups is a way to share resources (CPU, memory, disk space,...) between processes.


Grub is a Linux bootloader.
We use the grubby program to make some changes to the grub.cfg file and to pass arguments to the kernel at boot time to change the behavior of the kernel.
In our case we need to disable the use of the cgroups version 2 using the below command:

We would need to reboot the machine so that the bootloader could read the modified grub.cfg file

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