Build my own pc / Workstation / Not gaming

  Hello guys today I want to present you my little project. After approximately 12 years I am building a pc dekstop for myself again! 

I am not a gaming folk anymore, even if sometimes I enjoy playing some strategy games or playing ps4 with my friends I dedicated most of my time to my personal projects. 

So because of this I choose my components based on a minimum of scalability, a lot of storage space, and the possibility to implement a few virtual machines on it. 

Therefore here it's the starting list of my components: 

I selected the CASE from Phanteks because the relation between the price and the size was great so I could have a Full Tower where everything can fit! Regarding the MOTHERBOARD I am a huge fan of MSI as I already have a great laptop 17" from this brand, soI went for a compatible motherboard for the prospective cpu I choose, but also a huge point for this motherboard was the fact that has 6 SATA interfaces. 

I pick up a CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 mainly because I wanted a new generation cpu and I being honest I want to be free to decide to overclok or not. Regarding the RAM I never went wrong with Corsair, but unfortunately I went with only 16GB due to a budget restriction, probably in the future I will expand until 32GB or 64GB (the maximum for this motherboard). The PSU was one of the best recommended by 

For the storage I decide to go for one SSD drive as I have a bad experience with high temperature and performance for a nvme, plus in this motherboard if you decide to use one nvme it will automatically disabilities 2 SATA ports and this one was not the goal of my choice for this motherboard. 

For the GPU I just choose the cheapest and reliable option because as I said I am not planning to use this machine as a gaming pc. Aswell from the brand Asus I purchase the PCIE CARD wifi because I have no option to patch directly the ethernet cable on this new desktop. 

About the MONITOR I pick up this nice HP for an average size because I am planning so have later on a dual monitor setup with the same model, so a size of 22 suit perfect the size of my desk. 

For the KEYBOARD even if I am based in Germany I mainly write in English so it was perfect for me to have an English layout and this keyboard wireless was a great decision. Instead of the MOUSE I am currently using the Anker vertical for my big hand. 

Regarding CPU cooling I did not decide yet so I am still using the standard cooling fan provided with the CPU AMD ryzen. 

Here there are a few pictures of the building:


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