How to setup NextCloud on FreeNAS 11.3-U4.1 ? 

I consider NextCloud one of the best implemented plugins in the FreeNAS web interface. So as a start we need to open our web interface, login and than jump into the plugins section. We select of course NextCloud and proceed with the installation of the plugin. 

Inside the plugin section for NextCloud we will select a name for the new Jail, I reccomend  you something like "NextCloud" to have a better overview afterwards. (It may take a while to install this plugin so be patience) 

Now we finally have successfully installed the plugin

Now we can see our ip address to connect to NextCloud

We copy the ip adreess into the url of our favourite browser and this is what we will see now: 

Important: To find out your credentials you must click in the post install notes, as show below:


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